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Linggo, Mayo 20, 2012

Why Music Lovers Must Switch to SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the top music sharing and distribution website on the internet. Some will even refer to it as the YouTube of audio, which means it is a very promising start-up to behold for both music lovers and music labels. So why aren’t these people on SoundCloud? It figures, when this music platform is pretty amazing.

If you are one of the disbelievers of SoundCloud, here are some reasons why you must consider switching.

1.     SoundCloud is as much a social network as it is a music platform.

Imagine Spotify with Facebook. You can upload music tracks and then share them directly in one spot full of interested audience. Unlike trying to get your audience to play your audio tracks using another social website, SoundCloud gives you the convenience of social music sharing without going to another website. Thus, it will give you the opportunity to leverage your music using a variety of marketing or distribution tactics such as the option to buySoundCloud plays.

2.     SoundCloud allows you to follow fellow musicians.

To continue with SoundCloud’s characteristics for social sharing, it also has this follow system, much like Twitter or Tumblr. You can scour the website and look for people to inspire you in your music creation. Choose from different genres from ballad to hip-hop and get insights from their creators. If you want to be followed yourself, all you have to do is create wonderful audio tracks.

Another alternative is to buy SoundCloud followers, just to make a quick presence in the website. Who would not get awed by a 100 or more following? People who come upon your profile will surely check out your music tracks out of curiosity and guess what, that is another SoundCloud play for you.

3.     SoundCloud Next will rule the online music scene.

If you have been following social media news blogs, for sure you have encountered SoundCloud and how it is going to roll out a new interface. The Next SoundCloud will be rolled out in the next few months and is said to become more social with real time notifications and repost feature. Real time notifications will work like Facebook notifications. So each time someone comments, likes, shares or reposts your audio tracks or those that you follow, you will be automatically be notified. Repost, on the other hand, works like Tumblr’s reblog or Twitter’s retweet. So when a person reposts your audio track, it will automatically be in their feeds and will possibly acquire more SoundCloud plays for you.

These three are a few of what SoundCloud can bring to the table on music marketing. If you want to take advantage of this very promising music platform with 15 million users already, you better sign up now.

Biyernes, Mayo 18, 2012

SoundCloud Adds 5 Million Users in 4 Months

It was only this January when the news hit the web about SoundCloud reaching a 10 million milestone in user base. This new and emerging player in audio sharing and distribution has more than outdone itself, as it shockingly acquired 5 million more in sign ups, all within four months time. What can you make of that?

It is amazing how SoundCloud is making the buzz and un-muting the World Wide Web. Just recently, an article released at Web Pro News talked about an irate man audio taping his  next-door neighbor after experiencing a series of sleepless nights due to late night sexy noises (you know what this means) and uploaded the audio track to SoundCloud. See how SoundCloud has been gaining traction to its users? The track has been widely spread because it was on SoundCloud. Some users are even using the audio tape for remixes. How weird is that? But if you think about it, remixing a controversial audio is an effective strategy in how to getSoundCloud followers or SoundCloud plays. It’s quirky and notorious.

It is no wonder, why SoundCloud is so popular, adding more users each day. The 5 million additions might be because of its latest teaser page of the Next SoundCloud web app. It is what keeps SoundCloud busy, the new and improved SoundCloud experience. It is currently under beta with 10,000 selected users, who are lucky enough to be the first ones to try.

Now that SoundCloud has a total of 15 million registered users, a new interface and additional functions, venture capitalists and other music labels will see the advantage of investing in this music/audio platform. Music artists might even jump ship from wherever music website they are currently hosting their tracks. SoundCloud is a promising website that adapts the trend of social sharing with its follow method (Twitter and Facebook) and now the repost tracks (Tumblr). Social sharing is the latest fad in the internet with everyone sharing, liking, tweeting, and reblogging. So this move is very strategic and timely.

Both the old and new users will be able to take advantage of this SoundCloud and its new interface. They can share their SoundCloud music way easier with the new platform because of the additional social features. Other than the two mentioned before (follow and repost), SoundCloud also has track comments and real time notifications.

Linggo, Mayo 6, 2012

Will SoundCloud Be On Radar By The Feds?

We all know it could happen anytime now. We’re all familiar with the old adage, ‘here today, gone tomorrow...’ and that could very well be demise of some of the best loved software known to man. Every digital rocker service and file linking website is on red alert due to the capture of MegaUpload and TVShack. The Feds have finally caught up to their game and it’s time for other websites to check their billion zettabytes of data. 

It’s clear that the US Federal Government is taking out its banhammer and they’re not afraid to use it on anyone. They’re ramping up its fight against illegal file sharing and hosting. It’s like a new war and it’s on a different kind of drug. No longer are they motivating users to stop or to regulate their usage, they’re just going to attack websites straight on. Websites such as RapidShare, MediaFire and there’s still a lot of loopholes, it could be sites like Grooveshark and SoundCloud that could also be in peril.

The US Government is definitely going on a slippery slope. Although MegaUpload was obviously operating a shady business, there’s still a chance that of those 150 million registered users, some of the content could have originally been legal. It’s a different situation from TVShack and Richard O’Dwyer whose site has been shut down and is now facing extradition to the United States from simply linking to sites hosting illegal content.

Now the question is… what’s next? Or rather, who’s next? There are several digital locker services that operate similar to MegaUpload and TVShack. Although they are considered larger services, it won’t be long until the Feds come for everyone else and do something more proactive. There are still some lines they have to communicate to everyone in the world. Such as, what about other services such as DropBox, iCloud and Amazon S3 which are all open to hosting any file type a user uploads. They make sharing easy, but in a way that’a  a lot more private that MegaUpload. In the end, the prime goal of all these sites is open file sharing – just like MegaUpload.

Not only regular files are at stake, but that also includes music files on the airwaves. SoundCloud and Grooveshark allow individuals to explore musical works, but there is a copy written material uploaded to the service as well. As of the moment, Grooveshark is actively pursuing licenses needed for the material it hosts and streams. We can only cross our fingers to see if their request would be granted in time.

Luckily, not everyone in the digital locker service industry has been shut down. It seems that the trick is to fly under the radar by not dominating the space. MegaUpload was huge. At some time in the past, it was estimated to be the 13th most visited website on the Internet. Shutting it down was not going to curb file sharing en mass. Just like how Napster failed in the past, Bit Torrent took off. But if the Feds are going to continue to fast-track their practices, it seems that Kim Dotcom will now have a few cellmates, minus some SoundCloud music for the people of the world. 

Miyerkules, Abril 25, 2012

Grab The Cloud-based App for SoundCloud

If you’re a music enthusiast looking for the right application in order to manage, sync and truly own any file on the social web, you should try the app called SocialFolders. Effortlessly sync your photos and documents from your computer. Not only that, you can transfer your files from one social network or website in a matter of seconds. SocialFolders is the best way to access and manage the content you have online.

Just recently, SocialFolders has decided to add the SoundCloud platform on this amazing cloud based application. With over 12 million registered users on this media platform, there is bound to be a great deal of people jumping to this platform instantly. To use SocialFolders, all you have to do is download the file. Set up is easy, this application is available for Windows and Mac.

With SocialFolders, your content is organized by channel and then by folders. That way, you can easiy find what you’re searching for. Once you set up SocialFolders, it runs in the background and keeps your content in sync. Just like how Dropbox allows you to do so with your files between computers or other devices. What more is, it’s a tool that you already know how to use. Why so? All because SocialFolders organizes your content into an organization you’re familiar with.

To upload a file, picture, document, video or sound…drag it into the appropriate folder! For sound creators, you can now get a seamless desktop experience with such benefits as easy file access, background uploading, and downloading of their sound files. Collaboration between SoundCloud users becomes seamless thanks to the ability to subscribe sound files from other creators and open them with their favorite desktop sound applications.

Simply begin by adding SoundCloud as a new service in the SocialFolders app. Grab the free application here. That will serve as back-up for the user’s original SoundCloud content to the computer. Next, users must subscribe to the sets and likes of other SoundCloud users. The online platform has the largest sound catalogue available, ranging from music, podcasts, comedy, speeches and more. Visit their site to know more and see personally how it works.

Now with the help of SocialFolders, there will be more avenues for SoundCloud music to reign not only in the online world, but offline as well. Take the time and invite your friends, family and other individuals so they too can be part of this amazing cloud-based application. No longer will you need to manually upload and download photos using third-party applications. SocialFolders is definitely the answer. They have been also featured in Mashable, CNet, TechCrunch, PCWorld, The Wall Street Journal, Macworld, The Next Web and many others.

Lunes, Abril 23, 2012

What Does Your iPhone Case Say About You?

Buy SoundCloud Plays

Let’s agree on one thing, there are plenty of factors that you need to take in account when choosing the perfect iPhone case. Sometimes, aesthetics isn’t everything when it cannot provide ample support for your mobile device. Functionality has a lot to do with it. Questions will arise for your product: Is it waterproof? Shockproof? Lightweight? And the list goes on and on. But there’s always a certain niche for every single product out there. There’s always a never-ending demand for cute, tech, practical themed cases but there’s also the demand for individualistic and unique products on the web.

Although not highly advertised, there is a way to individualize your iPhone case to suit your needs…musically. With the rise of the music platform SoundCloud, music enthusiasts can finally showcase their love for their favorite band or their own unique sound. Music enthusiasts, musicians or personalities is in the music industry who also happens to be iPhone users, you’re in for a delight. Shapeways, a 3D printing company recently released its latest collaboration with SoundCloud called ‘Vibe’. The company released this project during the SXSW during March 2012 and has been getting plenty of attention all over the world.

Vibe is an iPhone case created from your favorite sound on SoundCloud. All you have to do is connect your SoundCloud account to Shapeways, select your favorite song or sound you wish to use. The sound waves themselves will create the design to be printed on to your iPhone case. By using Shapeways’ unique 3D printing technology, this will make your iPhone case one of a kind and unique from the products available in the market.

If you’ve never heard of SoundCloud, then this is definitely the time to get to know it better. Be proud and loud about your passion for music, and bring it into physical reality. Create your own sound waves from this incredible platform and share it with others. It’s definitely one way to promote. With the Vibe, it’ll be easier to showcase your music in actuality. The Vibe is available in two colors: black or white and only costs $19.99, take this opportunity before it raises its prices to $24.99. Mass customization doesn’t come as low as this.

If you haven’t created a SoundCloud account yet, this is the perfect time to begin. Create an account and choose the perfect track that individualizes you as a person. Never again will you considered mainstream. Everyone can slap on stickers to a case and say they’re different, but it’s never the same unless you curate one that meets to your liking. Which is exactly what Vibe embodies, partnering up with SoundCloud music and Shapeways aim to create. So why not make your own customized iPhone case now? Visit the Vibe website now at

Biyernes, Abril 20, 2012

Beyoncé Remix Joins SoundCloud


It’s final, the news is out. There is now a winner for Beyoncé’s End of Time Remix competition. Yes, so for all those who had set their sights on winning this big chance of becoming famous—better luck next time. So who’s the big winner? A big applause to Los Angeles based producer, Jimek. This Poland native was selected as the best remix over nearly 3,000 mixes received within the four weeks of the contest duration.

All entries were uploaded on to the leading social sound platform, SoundCloud. With over 12 million registered users on this media platform, there’s bound to me some heavy competition for this title. Who wouldn’t? Did you know that over 1.7 million fans visited the micro site in the first 10 days of the competition? By the end of the competition, all the stems were downloaded 351,000 times and 1.65 million fans listened to at least two mixes.

Now that’s one way to get your music out in the open. The 25 international countries that competed in this competition were: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Initial voting was from fans, DJs, and remixers in the SoundCloud community that helped narrow down the Top 50 entries. All eligible entries were voted on the basis of originality, creativity and musicality. The final winner was selected by an international panel of judges, British musician Isabella Summers of Florence & The Machine, Dutch music producer and DJ Afrojack, the duo DJ and producing team from Poland, WAWA, New York premier DJ Jus-Ske and Oscar winning producer/composer Giorgio Moroder, and not to forget, the star of the music track…Beyoncé herself!

The winner, Jimek, born Radzimir Debski, took home $4,000 USD and will have his remix appear on 4: The Remix, The EP, filled with fan-favorite remixes, including “Countdown” by Isa Machine and an extended version of “End of Time” by WAWA that will digitally available on April 24, 2012.
Jime, is the son of classical and film composer, Krzesimir Debski. He has a Masters degree in composition from Chopin Music Academy Warsaw and has studied film scoring and orchestration at UCLA, Los Angeles. He has worked in film and TV and is currently working on his solo debut indie album.

Because of contest, many people have seen the power of SoundCloud music. Expect to find more collaboration from different artists on this music platform. This could very well be only the beginning to the potential of what SoundCloud can provide the music industry.